Save as Much as 70% on Your US Open Stay with and Hotel Switching

The US Open gets in full swing this June in the wonderful city of New York and want to make sure you can be a part of it!

Whether your a regular visitor of the Open or this is your first time, the US Open will be a unique experience.

This year will be the 118th edition of the event. Stars such as Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth and Justin Rose will all be expected to be involved in the major competition.

This will be the fifth Men’s Major to be held at the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in New York. The golf club claims to be the oldest formal organised golf club in the United States (1891), to have the oldest golf clubhouse in the U.S. (1892), and to have been the first to admit women.

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How to Attend the US Open

One negative of the US Open being held in New York is the issues you have trying to find suitable accommodation for your stay.

Demand for hotels in New York is high all year round, and when the city hosts and event as big as the US Open demand gets even higher.

Hotels can get very expensive because of this high demand, however there is a way to find affordable accommodation that also benefits hotels.

Hotel switching is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1. Switching allows you to stay at hotels for their cheaper nights and then move to another hotel when your original hotel’s prices increase.

As well as money saving, switching also makes the unavailable hotels available. When hotels say they aren’t available for your whole stay, they aren’t entirely correct – They may be available for part of your stay.

Switching allows you to stay at a hotel for the nights it is available for your trip and then move to another when your original hotel runs out of rooms.

It’s a win for you because you get a hotel you want to stay at and it’s a win for the hotel because they sell nights that don’t have high demand.

How to Book your US Open Hotel Switch

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Hotel switching is more commonly known is the US as ‘split stay’ or ‘hotel hopping’ and has always been done manually – especially in places such as Walt Disney World.

We’re and we offer hotel switching deals at the same ease you can book a singular hotel stay.

Our user-friendly site houses a high-speed algorithm that only requires you to enter your destination, dates of travel and number of guests – we do the rest!

We have made it even easier for your US Open stay. Our unique page has already filled in the destination and dates, we just need to know how many of you are going!

Head on over to our US Open page or our main site to begin your switch today!

Book your Sonar Music Festival Stay with and Save as Much as 70%

One thing Barcelona is mainly known for is it’s vibrant and lively atmosphere. For 3 days in June this atmosphere welcomes the incredible Sonar Music Festival.

This year’s festival will be the 25th edition and is set-up to be the best one yet!

Artists such as Gorillaz, Wiley, Diplo and Yung Lean are all going to be performing this year; as well as some amazing DJ sets throughout the 3 days.

Sonar has also presented over 50 events across the world – and it’s the popularity of events that has helped them get the names performing at this years event.

Over 125,000 people are expected to attend the festival – and it’s because of this it could be tricky for you to book your Barcelona stay.

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Book your Stay With

At we approach hotel bookings differently. We offer hotel switching – where you stay in two hotels for a cheaper price than staying in one.

Not only will hotel switching save you as much as 70% but it will also open up a lot more accommodation opportunities – just by switching once!

Our user-friendly site’s high-speed algorithm will give you your hotel switching options in one click of a button.

Switching offers these great benefits because hotels price their rooms on a nightly basis and it’s by taking the same approach as the hotels that you get to see the brilliant benefits hotel switching offers.

Booking your Sonar Music Festival Stay

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Hotel switching will be an entirely new concept to most of your reading this post, therefore we’ve made your Sonar switch as easy as possible.

Our designated Sonar Music Festival page already has the location and dates entered in our search bar – all we need from you is the number of you travelling!

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