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Fancy a Quick Getaway on a Tight Budget? Let Nightly.travel Sort the Accommodation.

With so many flight deals around, especially due to the abundance of low-cost airlines, how often do you sit and dream of jumping on a plane and jetting off for a couple of nights in a new city or basking in the sun? A short break holiday can re-charge your batteries as much as a week away so what is holding you back? Flights can be cheap enough but when it comes to hotels, a reality check can hit hard.

But is there a way of making that quick getaway even though your budget is tight? Yes there is, thanks to Nightly.travel and their revolutionary new site that enables you to take advantage of being able to book the best hotels at the most economical prices.

So how does hotel switching work?

Forget booking months in advance; check out Nightly.travel and take advantage of our fabulous booking service that ensures you get a good deal when booking hotel accommodation. By making use of the clever process called ‘hotel switching’, we open up a whole load of quality hotels that you can book into. All it takes is a little planning and our website takes care of that; don’t worry that the switching process will be complex or time-consuming. Whist it may have been in the past when you had to do all of the hard work yourself, now our website’s sophisticated software does all of that on your behalf. All you need to do is click a few buttons and you’re done.

What’s hotel switching?


You may have heard of the term ‘hotel switching’ or ‘hotel hopping’ or even ‘split stays’; all are pretty much the same, providing you with access to reduced rates in the best hotels. The term itself gives you a good idea of what is involved – during your trip (which must be more than one night) you need to switch hotels just once in order to attain savings of around 30-50% or in some cases up to 70%. It really is that easy.

Is the process difficult?

Not at all. Our website has been specifically set up to deal with the booking of last minute holidays. You no longer need to opt for the lowest standard of hotel or questionable lodgings. The hotel switching process makes staying in lowly accommodation a thing of the past because now it’s possible to get away quickly at a price that you can afford. We balance the three key areas of price location and quality, providing you with a choice of top hotels that tick the box as far as your spontaneous trip is concerned.

Let’s look at the three key areas of price, location and quality


– when hotels set rates, they do so depending upon the day of the week, demand and availability. This can often leave ‘pockets’ of rooms available for odd nights and because most people will be booking full weeks, these rooms are left empty. Rather than leave them unoccupied, hotels slash the prices to attract paying guests. You can grab these low priced rooms, switching between hotels to bring the process into play.


– the norm is for accommodation in prime areas to be more expensive i.e. near to the city centre, beaches or major attractions. However, because you’re hotel switching, you can stay in the most sought after hotels for part of your trip or even longer, depending upon how you organize your switching. For instance, by selecting to stay in hotels that are close together you can experience the thrill of these great locations for longer.


– spontaneous trips are normally associated with lower standards of quality and service when it comes to accommodation. Something usually has to give and whether it be price, location or quality, you’d not normally expect to be able to have it all. But switching eradicates the need to sacrifice as it’s possible to get the most for your money, in the best location and of great quality. Even luxury hotels may fall down into your price bracket. Our user-friendly site will not only show what hotels are available but will have reviews, star ratings and detailed information.

How does the Nightly.travel website help?

Punch in your destination, dates and number of people travelling and the system will come up with a range of suitable hotels that match your criteria. You then choose which of the two hotels you want to stay in and because you’re spending a few nights in each, there will be far more options as to where you can afford to stay. Hotels that appeared to be fully booked will often have odd nights available and the ones that were way out of reach when it comes to budget will now be affordable.

Because the website does all of the hard work for you, you don’t waste time and will be guaranteed of finding the best rooms at the most affordable prices. We cut out the stress, hassle and wasted time, thanks to our unique algorithm which will provide you with lists of the best switching deals in your desired location, all within just a few minutes.

Things to look out for


There are a few handy hints that can make booking your spontaneous trip via hotel switching a piece of cake! Here are some things to watch out for when making your selection:


– our website will clearly show the distance between the hotels suitable for your switch. When making a choice, look at what the move involves and whether it’s a short manageable journey or a longer one. Decide how far you want to move and select your deal accordingly


– on the day of your switch, once you arrive at your second hotel, ask the reception if they can store your bags if your room isn’t ready. Luggage free, you can then enjoy the down time by making use of the hotel facilities or exploring the area.

Number of switches

– whilst switching works fantastically between two hotels, don’t think that by adding in more switches you’ll triple or quadruple the pay-offs! Research shows that switching too many times can become cumbersome and the negatives will soon outweigh the many positives. Keep it between two hotels for maximum benefits.

Are you ready to rock?

Your spontaneous trip need no longer be the stuff that only dreams are made of. Check out our website now and choose from close to 60,000 hotels. Here you’ll find the perfect location, quality and price to make your hotel switching experience an incredible one.

Enter your trip details, click SEARCH and bring to life your wonderfully spontaneous trip ideas. We can’t wait to see you there!

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