Hotel Switching – What it is and How to Get the Best Results

If you’ve never tried hotel switching, then you’re missing out not only financially but also by not experiencing the best hotels available.

From’s previous article you’ll know that hotel switching is growing in popularity. Hotel switching can be defined as staying in two or more hotels in one destination during your holiday or business trip. Normally no more than two hotels are involved and the benefits include saving money on your total accommodation costs, unlocking partially available hotels that aren’t available for all of your travel dates, and getting better value for your stay through fantastic upgrades to hotels you wouldn’t normally be able to afford.


But how does hotel switching work best and which trips should you focus on? Here are our sure-fire ways to make your switch work well:

Make your stay more than one night

Hotel switching won’t work if you’re only staying for one night; you need to stay at least 2 nights or more (5 or more is best!). Keep your switch between two hotels only with just one switch. The website will show you the distance between your selected hotels enabling you to plan your journey between the two. By splitting between just two hotels you’ll maximise rewards and minimise inconvenience.

Stick to certain types of travel

Switching can work for both business and holidays but you should stick to a few rules; if you’re elderly, disabled or have a huge family with children then the switch may be more difficult (apart from Disney World). This is because not only may the logistics of moving be an issue, but any hotel you stay at will need to comply with certain requirements to suit you; trying to switch can complicate this.

Events Travel

As well as offering a user-friendly site, also have a plethora of pages dedicated to major global events. We target a whole host events ranging from Oktoberfest and The International Business Festival. Down below you can read how we can help you with your next business event and/or your next leisure trip.


Business traveller

Travelling to specific destinations to attend or host events can be expensive and due to high demand, availability tight. Some hotels get booked up well in advance for certain bookings such as ITCM (Incentive Travel and Corporate Meetings) or MICE (Meetings, Incentives, and Conferences & Exhibitions) travel. Switching can enable you to find availability during busy events; rooms may be plentiful for the odd night whilst full weeks may not be. Similarly, by taking advantage of these random night stays, incorporating them into your trip, you can upgrade to 4 or 5-star luxury. If you need to move between locations, try switching, thereby enabling you to be close to your selected areas.


Business and pleasure – “Bleisure Events”

If your trip is a mix of the two, switch to a higher grade of hotel for your leisure time; save money and benefit from experiencing a beautiful location. If you can manage to conduct your business first and then switch to a luxury hotel to unwind towards the latter part of your trip, moving between hotels provides the perfect vehicle to do so.

Leisure travel

If you’re travelling for a holiday or to visit a specific festival or concert, then competition for hotels can be rife. By switching and taking advantage of single night availability, you’ll save money and grab a great hotel, splitting your trip over two different locations if you wish. offers a vast choice of holiday and leisure hotels so you’ll never struggle to find your dream spot.


Frugal travel

Whether you’re a student or travelling on a tight budget, switching can be an enormous help, enabling you to stay in a good hotel at a lower price. If you check out the website you’ll see that you can save money on even 3-star hotels, so keep a few luxury nights for the end of your journey and chill out in style.

Backpackers delight


Solo travellers and backpackers love the website as it enables them to make use of a whole host of benefits, district hopping as they wish and enabling their exploring to be not only far more productive but comfortable.

Travelling on a budget

If your wallet is a little stretched but you really want to relax in style, plan your hotel switch and celebrate by staying in an upgraded luxury hotel for a fraction of the price.

City breaks

Flights to major cities may be affordable but one look at the hotel rates could spoil your idea of a city break. But not with hotel switching; city breaks are made far more affordable with the website. Stay where you want to stay on the night you choose and pay a whole lot less for the privilege.


As you can see, the practise of hotel switching works exceedingly well for these types of travelling categories and types of trips. No matter where you want to go and when, by taking note of our helpful tips and searching for deals on the website, you can tailor your trip to suit your needs.

By planning carefully, keeping your switch between two hotels and making the most of cut-price rates, you can visit locations that you previously would have only dreamed of. also offer regular single-hotel booking options too, so if you can only fit in one night, make it one you’ll remember by booking via the website.

Hotel switching really can be an awesome experience so make sure you take advantage of the process now.

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