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Planning on visiting London, but not sure how to experience everything the English capital has to offer? Let show you how hotel switching will change your London experience.

Whether you’re visiting for 3 days or fifteen days, you will struggle to see all that’s on offer in London. The city is split into a variety of unique and wondrful areas, also known as boroughs.

Each borough is unique and each houses a different style, and culture and vibe to the others. As well as it’s layout, London also has some of the most remarkable landmarks in the world.

Big Ben, the London Eye, Nelson’s Column and the ArcelorMittal Orbit are just some of many that are visible amongst the beautiful London skyline.

Getting Around London

One of London’s greatest features actually lies beneath ground. The London Underground is a visitor’s best friend when travelling around the city.


There are 270 stations on the underground map, with 11 lines. The underground can get you from one end of the city to the other in just over an hour – speedy!

As well as the underground (which is actually 55% overground) there are the famous black taxis and also the reliable red buses.

One thing to remember for your Underground and Bus transport is to purchase an Oyster Card!

How Hotel Switching helps

Public Transport is excellent at getting you from A-B, but what if you haven’t got enough time to experience all of ‘B’?

As mentioned, all of London’s boroughs are unique and sometimes half-a-day/a day isn’t long enough to take in the culture.

That’s where hotel switching can help. By staying in 2 hotels instead of 1 you can spend longer experiencing all that London has to offer.

The city has hotels all over and just like the boroughs, each hotel has it’s own personality.

Switching will allow you to experience one hotel in one area and then switch to a completely different type of hotel in another area.

Other Hotel Switching benefits

As well as allowing you to experience more of a big city, such as London, switching also benefits you financially.

Staying in 2 hotels instead of 1 can save you as much as 70% on a regular hotel stay. This is made possible because of the way hotel price their rooms.

Hotels price their rooms on a nightly basis, allowing you to stay at a hotel for its cheaper nights and then move to another hotel when your original hotels increases it’s prices – you only have to switch once to benefit!

When’s Best to Switch?

Switching generates fantastic deals in London all year round, however, huge savings are made when events are on.

We have plenty of London events for you to see on our events page, but there’s some single-day events you could plan your trip around to help increase those savings.

How to Book your London Hotel Switch

One way to book a hotel switch is to manually book two hotel stays to cover your time in London. Manually booking a hotel switch is very time-consuming and even when you’ve found a switch that suits you – you may not have necessarily got the best deal.

We’re and we’re the first website to offer you hotel switching deals. Our user-friendly site houses a unique algorithm that brings you the best hotel switching deals across 60,000 hotels in over 180 countries.

On our site all you have to do is to enter your location, in this instance London, your dates of travel and the number of you travelling – we do the rest!

We’ve Made it Easier to Book your London Stay

As you can see in the deals shown above we have pages dedicated to events, which can all be found on our events log, and we now also have pages dedicated to destinations.

Our pages have already got the location filled in for you as well as more information behind the magic of hotel switching.

If you have anymore questions to do with hotel switching or please visit our main site and use our chat function to talk to our friendly team.

Or begin your London switch on our London page today!

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