Your Guide to Hotel Switching

Switching hotels during one holiday or business trip allows you to save money and enables you to stay in hotels you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford. explains how to make hotel switching seamless…

Switching hotels during one holiday or business trip allows you to save money and enables you to stay in hotels you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford. makes hotel switching seamless with our high-speed, propriety algorithm which scans the market for the best hotels to suit you and then couples them together in one package. Once you’ve keyed in your criteria, it will seek out hotels suited to you based on price, quality and distance. Straight away you’ll see your savings and can book directly through the site; enter your details only once and both hotel bookings are made.

If you’ve never heard of hotel switching (sometimes referred to as hotel hopping or split stay) then you may be missing out, particularly if you’re a frequent traveller. Switching hotels can save you money and enable you to stay in hotels that you might otherwise have not been able to afford. It can also enable you to book last-minute, taking advantage of some fantastic deals and providing you with somewhere to stay if you have to change plans quickly.

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How much can you save?

Our research shows that hotel switching or a split stay between two hotels can save as much as 70% and regularly between 30 to 50%. As long as you focus on hotels that are reasonably close together, you can have a fantastic trip, making the most of new locations and luxury upgrades all because you’re splitting your stay between two hotels.

You may be tempted to switch between more than two hotels, but this way it just may become convoluted. The question is, why contemplate this when there’s no need to do so? Purely changing between just two hotels brings you ample benefits and massive savings so there’s really no need to make the simple complex or give yourself a headache by trying to be too smart.

How do you plan the switch?


Travellers that opt for the hotel switching option know which two hotels they are staying at during the booking process. Then you merely have to check out and check in again in the middle of your trip; it’s not a stressful process and is a win-win scenario when it comes to making use of the best accommodation at a price that fits with your budget. If you love to travel and see the world and don’t have unlimited resources, then mixing it up a little can provide you with maybe a couple of nights in a standard hotel and then a few more in unrivalled luxury; who would want to miss out on an opportunity like this?

How you split your accommodation during the trip is really down to you. Depending upon the logistics of your journey, you may wish to split your stay down the middle, staying 50/50 between two hotels or even make it four nights in one and two or three in another. You can even save up the luxury accommodation until the end and really go to town, spoiling yourself towards the finale of your holiday or business trip and finishing on a high.

But how does hotel switching save you money?

You may be finding it hard to believe that you can stay in more than one hotel and save money without jeopardising the pleasure of your trip, whether a holiday or business related. But the process works for a very simple reason; when you book a hotel, not all nights are the same price. When hotels set their room rates, they take into account many different factors such as time of year, demand, local events and current occupancy rate, etc.

Taking the time to scroll through hundreds of hotels, locating the best deals, can be gruelling but if you can find a quick way to do it (or someone to do it for you) then you’re onto a winner. Many people end up wasting money, purely because they want to stay at the same hotel for the entire duration; this way you miss out because there can be oodles of great value luxury hotels available for part of your trip that you just don’t get to take into consideration.

Money Money

Who wouldn’t want to switch hotels if it means that you can stay in your first choice of a dream hotel without breaking the bank or spoiling the trip? Your itinerary should not get spoilt as all you have to do is plan around the switch. Because the best switches make use of real-time cheap offers from hotels who are looking to fill space quickly, you benefit immensely from their need to fill rooms. Results are great wherever you decide to hotel switch but even more beneficial in cities where there are ample hotels and constant competition when it comes to prices.

How to hotel switch the right way

The more times you hotel switch or split stay, the more skilled you’ll get at it. We’ve researched some tips given to us by skilled hotel switchers who have refined the skill down to a fine art. Follow these easy rules and you’ll have a great time, wherever and whenever you switch your hotels:

Try to avoid large gaps between check out and check in

Think about how you will manage the gap if it is a large one. You can ask for late check out or early check in and the second hotel that you are switching to can even store your luggage, so move it there straight away. Also, don’t forget that you don’t need to be checked in to use the hotel’s communal facilities so spend some time at the pool or spa, if they have one, whilst switching over. If you make a nice saving by switching, you can even fill the gap by treating yourselves to a nice dinner or lunch! Hotels should also help you with check in and check out queries and may even be flexible with the timings if you request it; you never know until you ask!

Don’t go crazy with the number of switches


We’ve already seen that switching hotels brings with it many wonderful benefits such as saving money and spending time in luxury accommodation that you’d have otherwise missed out on. However, with this in mind, don’t get too excited and go crazy with the number of switches. Changing hotels once is fun, twice may be a little tiring and three times may begin to get exhausting! Much will depend on the length of your stay; if you have 7 nights to play around with then switching once is a good way to go, particularly if you’ve never done this before.

Also take into account the distance and travelling time between the hotels. If your original itinerary included flights at difficult times i.e. very late night or early morning, then use the switch to bring the distances between hotels closer together, not further apart. If you need to be close to the airport for a flight at some unsocial hour, make your switch to a hotel that is better located, close to the airport and even the city if this makes the rest of your trip less tiring. If the hotels are close together or even affiliated, the changeover should be a piece of cake. However, if you have to make a long journey, the cost of the transfer may negate any benefits. The shorter your holiday or business trip, the less the distance between hotels should be.

Research the quality of the hotels

Rather than start your stay in a luxury hotel and then come down in quality towards the homeward stretch, how about keeping the best until last? If you can’t move up in quality, then at least stick to similar quality of hotels. The risk is that if you go for a budget hotel before you leave for home, you’ll end on a low note, risk spoiling your trip and arrive home feeling jaded and down in the dumps. By planning carefully and maybe starting off in your normal standard of hotel and then switching to a higher quality hotel that you’ve been able to afford only due to the offer, you’ll have something to look forward to.

Don’t spend hours scanning hotels online

You want to make the process of hotel switching beneficial but not at the cost of wasting your valuable time. Carrying out frequent research, comparing prices and trying to remember which the best deal is can be stressful and incredibly tiring. You may end up in such a muddle that switching hotels no longer seems worthwhile. There are ways of overcoming this issue and we’ll look at those in the next part of this article. Believe it or not, there’s now a website specifically aimed at travellers looking to switch smoothly and without a hitch.

How to switch hotels the easy way

Whether you’re travelling solo, as part of a couple or even a large family group, switching or hotel hopping doesn’t have to be logistically difficult. You must be wondering by now what the secret is to switching hotels seamlessly and easily. Well the answer comes from a site called We have taken the time to build a website that makes the hotel switching process a cinch by taking care of all of the planning and booking for you.

We appear in a variety of different sites reviewing us and comparing us amongst other booking sites. One of which is – the site is Latvian based and offers it’s own personal opinion on the sites it displays. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re stuck for what flights to get for a holiday!

All you have to do is log into the site and let it do all of the work for you; no making lists of prices, no comparing dates and no mindless searching or constant headaches. With you can enjoy hotel upgrades whilst saving money by switching. In addition, the memorable experiences created by your trip will be multiplied as you’ll have the wonderful experience of staying in two different hotels and in different locations. How about staying part of your time in a hotel located in the centre of the town or city, spending your days sight-seeing and shopping or dining out? The second part of your trip you can switch to a beach hotel and wind down towards the end of your trip, spending your days soaking up the sun and recharging those batteries.

How does the website work?

No one could make hotel switching more seamless than They’ve built a high-speed, proprietary algorithm which scans the market for the best hotels to suit you. Once you’ve keyed in your unique criteria, it will seek out hotels suited to you based upon price, quality and distance. Straight away, you’ll be able to see the savings that you’ll make as well as the distance between your chosen hotels. This makes it easy for you to decide whether to take a cab, Uber taxi or even walk to your hotel. The site covers close to 60,000 hotels in more than 180 countries so you’re sure to find a hotel or combination of two hotels that match the requirements of your stay.

All it takes is a change in attitude and acceptance of the fact that you’re not bound to stay in one hotel for the duration of your trip. Many people have been switching hotels within the travel industry for a long time and only now are making it easy for others to join in. You may think nothing of changing flights when you make a trip and switching hotels really can be just as simple. Join the millions of people that have been benefiting from switching for a long time and make yourself available to the many great deals that are provided by the hotel industry on a daily basis.

Hotels love it too!

Hotels can no longer be complacent when it comes to charging for rooms; home sharing sites such as Airbnb are already eating their way into the hotel market, which is why sites like should be welcomed by the hotel industry. And this certainly seems to be the case so far as the hotel trade is responding well to the site because it works hard for them, filling their empty spaces when they are unable to do so. By filling in the gaps, the hotels are happy as they fill up the rooms quickly, albeit at a reduced rate. Travellers benefit in just the same way, making use of the unique selling point which is providing them with real-time affordable hotel stays that fit in with their travelling plans precisely.

The perfect balancing act

By balancing price, quality and location you arrive at the perfect combination, which is why hotel switching works so well; it increases the chance of making the balance work:


When booking accommodation, you usually have to work to a budget. By taking greater control of where you spend that cash, you end up getting far more for your money. Hotel switching can facilitate this.


Your budget may only provide you with a 3-star hotel but by hotel switching, you can end up with 5-star accommodation. Check the quality by looking at star ratings and TripAdvisor reviews to check out the hotel’s luxury claims and then go with it by switching.


You might have booked into a high-quality hotel within your original itinerary but is it in the best place? Whether travelling for pleasure or business, hotel switching can enable you to fine-tune your location, getting you closer to the exhibition you will be visiting daily or even the shops. Switching allows you to refine your location.

So, what are you waiting for? and when it comes to planning your next business trip or holiday, you know exactly what you need to do. After all, you think nothing of switching between utility providers to save money so why not do the same when you travel?

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