How hotel switching can save you money in Las Vegas

Your guide to how hotel switching in Las Vegas can get you more from your next getaway.

What makes Las Vegas one of the most popular holiday destinations for travellers?

Nestled in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, and known to the world as “Sin City”, Vegas presents the ultimate escape! It’s the only place in the world where you can eat brunch under the Eiffel Tower, ride in a Gondola down the Venetian Grand Canal, or watch an erupting Volcano all in the same location. Famous for its strip, Vegas transports you around the world in a whirlwind of lights, gambling and fantasy! Las Vegas is a place where you can let go and just relax. There’s no concept of time in Las Vegas; buffets, casinos and fun are 24/7. Enticing those from all walks of life, it doesn’t matter why you’re there, but you’ll leave convinced you’ve had the time of your life!


How can you save money on Las Vegas hotels

When it comes to booking a hotel in Vegas, the fluctuation in hotel prices can often mean it’s wildly expensive to stay in the hotels you’ve dreamt of staying in! How can you reduce this cost?

Stay off the strip

The Las Vegas Strip is world famous, which is one of the reasons why it’s so expensive, but if you stay a few blocks away, you could save on your hotel room! Many non-strip hotels offer complimentary shuttle transportation to and from the strip.

Use your hotel points

If you are an avid points collector, you could save on your stay. Due to two new hotel partnerships, Hyatt and MGM’s and SPG & Caesars, you can now book several properties on the Vegas Strip using travel rewards!

Book off-peak

With 320 days of sunshine, it’s difficult to find a “low” season in Las Vegas, but crowds tend to be smallest in November which means hotel rooms have huge discounts and you can find cheap hotels in Las Vegas. Try to avoid a weekend stay as these are generally higher.

The solution to your problems… hotel switching

If you don’t want to sacrifice a stay at Caesars Palace or the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and you want to be able to go to Vegas when it suits you- not the season, then we have the solution. offers you the ability to split your stay across two hotels for the duration of your stay, we cover over 61 hotel’s covering the strip and surrounding areas.

What is hotel switching?

Hotel switching is the process when a traveller will stay in multiple hotels during a trip in order to reap a variety of benefits. With a vast range of hotels on offer in and around the famous Las Vegas strip, each embracing a new theme, new activities, new food and new casinos, how can you possibly choose? 14 of the world’s 25 largest hotels are located on the Las Vegas strip. It’s a place overflowing with choice, so hotel switching is the perfect way to jump across worlds. Spend a few days in “Paris”, and then indulge in all things Hard Rock at the Hard Rock Hotel!

What are the benefits of hotel switching at Las Vegas?

There are many reasons why hotel switching is perfect for Las Vegas.

Experience it all!

Las Vegas is filled with choice and experience. Don’t limit yourself by sticking to one theme, embrace your favourites! Why not embrace the tropical trends of Mandalay Bay with their 11-acre pool area and Shark Reef Aquarium, then experience Vegas’s ‘Most Historic Hotel’, the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino. Wherever you decide to stay, combine two hotels for your stay and unlock new experiences and memories!

The VIP experience

Anyone can enjoy the activities hotels have to offer on the Las Vegas strip, but it’s only those who stay in the hotels that get to experience the sheer luxury bestowed upon you. Stay in the Venetian and wake up to breakfast with views of Venice, or relax by the Soleil pool which is located right underneath the Eiffel Tower in the heart of the strip. Hotel switching means you can indulge in two sets of benefits!

Money better spent on slot machines!

You can’t go to Las Vegas and not try out the slot machines, but wouldn’t you rather save money on your hotel room and spend that on fun instead? We all have a budget we would prefer to stick to, and with hotel switching, you can achieve Vegas on a budget. There are a variety of cheap hotels in Las Vegas, and those on the pricier side. Las Vegas is filled with wonderful hotel suites oozing with luxury and class; why not reward yourself at the end of the trip with a stay in a top hotel you’ve always dreamt about. We make that possible. Split your stay across the hotels you can afford, at the quality you desire.

Mix it up




Each zone in Las Vegas has a unique vibe, the south strip is different to the north, and the old town will bring you a brand new atmosphere. Why not experience two zones on your trip so you can really say that you did it all when you were in Las Vegas!

Struggling to decide on two resorts?

We don’t blame you! There is too much choice. To help you out, we have listed our top 5 hotels to stay in Las Vegas.

1- The Venetian hotel

Who would have thought Italy could be in the desert? The Venetian hotel transports you into Venice with its Grand Canal replica, beautiful architecture, and you can even take a famous gondola ride!

2- Paris Las Vegas

Take a break from the neon lights of Vegas and transport yourself to the city lights of Paris. You can indulge in French cuisine at a romantic dinner for two and soak up the views and atmosphere at the Eiffel tower, or walk along the cobblestones and surround yourself in Paris with fantastic replicas including the Paris Opera House and the Louvre.

3- Caesars palace

Caesars palace embodies Las Vegas. From world-class shopping, luxury rooms, gourmet dining and crazy nightlife, it’s everything Las Vegas is about. Famous for its headliner productions, this is a hot spot to see a classic artist perform! If you want the true Las Vegas experience from your trip, then this hotel is for you.

4- The Hard Rock Hotel

You can’t go wrong with hard rock. Renowned worldwide for their classic rock vibes, amazing concerts and first class memorabilia, the hard rock is the place to be if you love music.

5- The Four Season’s hotel

A tranquil oasis, steeped in luxury, the Four Seasons hotel is the perfect romantic destination. With spectacular views and rooms accessed by private elevators, it’s the perfect place to spend a night with your loved one.

How do I organise hotel switching in Las Vegas?

You don’t! We do. Our unique high-speed, proprietary algorithm uniquely searches for all available hotels to ensure you the best choice of hotels for your Las Vegas trip, giving you different switch options based on all the things you usually need to consider, including, price range, location, star rating and guest rating.

Some things to consider when hotel switching at Las Vegas

Check-out/ Check-in time

All resorts will have a variety of check-out/check-in times, and there may be a slight delay between leaving and arriving to a new resort, but you don’t’ need to spend this time waiting around to check-in. Ask the new hotel if they’ll store your bags whilst you explore Las Vegas! If you ask nicely, your next hotel may be able to offer you an early check-in.

Distance between your two hotels.

When you book with we will inform you of the distance between your two hotels. With a variety of ways to navigate between hotels, you’ll never struggle to switch from one hotel to the other. You can take the monorail which provides transport along the strip, or various shuttle connections offered by hotels make frequent stops along the strip. A popular choice is a purple shuttle from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino which runs hourly between 10:00 am and 7.00 pm, or you can always hop in a taxi.

Don’t stretch yourself

If you’re going to be Las Vegas for a relatively short period then maybe just stick to the one hotel (you can still book with us!). We aren’t just a hotel switching site; you can also book single hotels with us. We recommend using hotel switching when you are going to feel the full benefits from it. will never offer more than two switches in one trip as we’ve found two is the magic number to finding a perfect combination of budget, location and quality.

What’s stopping you?

Your trip to Las Vegas is waiting! Search now for the best combined hotel deals. It’s super easy to find both single hotels and combinations of two on our site.

Let’s start your journey to sin city!

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