Hotel Switch and Save as Much as 70% on Your Canton Fair Stay

2018 is the 123rd China Export And Import Fair, also known as the Canton Fair.

The event takes place in the beautiful city of Guangzhou and is split into three different periods each period dedicated to different types of goods.

The event prides itself on having “the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the largest buyer attendance, the broadest distribution of buyers’ source country and the greatest business turnover in China”.

The events main purpose is to exhibit the finest imports and exports China has to offer and it’s because of these imports and exports that over 8.03 million overseas buyers, from over 210 countries are so interested in the event.

Be a Part of It

Guangzhou is a popular tourist destination all-year round and finding a suitable hotel for you may be hard at the best of times.


With the event running in three different periods it can be hard for you to find a single hotel for the specific dates you need.

One way to help guarantee a stay that’s right for you is to Hotel Switch.

What is Hotel Switching?

Hotel switching, also known as ‘split stay’ in America, is where you stay in 2 hotels for a cheaper price than staying in 1.

As well as saving money, switching unlocks more availability for your stay, perfect for popular cities such as Guangzhou.

Switching is made possible because of the way hotels price their rooms – which you can read more about on our ‘Hotel Switching’ post.

Booking a Hotel Switch

Those who have hotel switched before will have booked their switches manually and won’t have necessarily got themselves the best deal.

We are and we are the first website to offer hotel switching deals.

On our site you just need to tell us your destination, dates you’re travelling and the number of you that are going – our algorithm does the rest.

Canton Deal.png

Switch at the Canton Fair!

We’ve even made it easier for you to book your Canton Fair hotel switch!

We’ve created a page dedicated to the event that’s already got the location filled in and also the dates (which can be changed by you), all we need from you is the number of you going!

Begin your switch today with

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