Switch in Mumbai and Save as Much as 70% at INDEX

The International Interior, Architecture and Design Fair, also known as INDEX is India’s biggest festival designated to the interior and architecture design industries.

The event is organised by the Universal Media Group and this year will be the 229th edition of the event.

Various industry leaders from Architect Firms, Hotels, Large Format Retail and the Building industry will be speaking and exhibiting at INDEX.

With the show being the biggest of its kind, an expected 34,000 will be in attendance – generating an estimated $5.5billion in business.

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Make Sure you Don’t Miss Out

Registration was free to those who had pre-registered and this always lead to a mad-rush when it comes to finding accommodation for the event.

Those who have saved money on entry won’t mind spending more on accommodation. Combine these visitors with those who are looking for a cheap stay and you’ll soon find that it becomes very hard to find a hotel that suits you.

One way to ensure you get a stay that suits your needs is to hotel switch. Hotel Switching is where you stay in 2 hotels for cheaper than 1.

As well as saving you money, hotel switching can also unlock more availability for your stay.

Switching benefits work because of the way hotels price their rooms. Hotels price their rooms on a nightly basis, depending on demand and the dates you’re looking at.

Hotel switching allows you to stay at one hotel when it’s prices are cheap and then move to another hotel when your original hotel’s prices increase – you only have to switch once to save money.

How to Book Your Hotel Switch

Many people have hotel switched before, it’s fairly popular in America but is more commonly known as ‘split stay’ or ‘hotel hopping’.

However, those who have switched before have found their switches manually. This is very time-consuming and they’ve not necessarily got themselves the best deal in the process.


We areĀ Nightly.tracel and we are the first website to offer hotel switching deals at the same ease you would book a singular hotel stay.

Our high-speed algorithm does most of the work for you, we just require your destination, dates of travel and the number of guests travelling.

We’ve Made Switching at INDEX Even Easier for you

INDEX Deal.png

We know that 90% of you reading this blog post won’t have ever heard of hotel switching, split stay or hotel hopping before, therefore, we’ve made it as easy as possible to book your switch for INDEX.

We’ve created a page dedicated to the event in Mumbai, where we already have the destination and dates of the event filled in, we just need to know how many of you are going.

More information on switching can be found on our other blog posts. Our Mumbai page is live and waiting to be seen by you. Also, to see our latest and greatest deals, visit our main site.

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