Save 70% at the 2018 World Cup

Hotel switching can save you money on your stay – home and away

Travelling to see a football match is much more than just sitting down for 90 minutes and watching a game. With every match, thousands and thousands of people are all travelling to the same place, at around the same time. This is especially the case with events like the 2018 World Cup.

With large amounts of fans travelling to sporting events, such as the World Cup, hotels soon fill up and it becomes nigh on impossible to find accommodation for your stay.


For example, over 10,000 fans travelled to support Napoli when they faced Real Madrid in the last 16 match of their 2017 quarter-final in the Champions League. That’s 10,000 people who need to have at least one night of accommodation in Madrid. The city will only have a certain number of hotel beds which won’t be enough to handle the thousands of short-term visitors, thus leading to a huge problem when it comes to booking lodging.

Booking a hotel is essential when it comes to planning an away trip to see your favourite team. However, admittedly, it’s often easier said than done. Hotels will be aware of events and will raise their prices due to high demand, thus making it near impossible for your World Cup stay to be an affordable stay. In the worst-case scenario, a hotel may not be able to accommodate you for your entire stay, therefore, leading to you constantly searching for the right hotel.

Have no fear, hotel switching is here!

We have the answer! Hotel switching, also known as ‘split stay’ in America, is where you’ll stay in two hotels for a cheaper price than staying in one.

It is a unique booking system that helps you save money when booking hotels across the globe. In addition to helping you save money, hotel switching also helps you secure a great place to stay during busy times. By staying in two hotels during your stay, you’ll be able to stay in hotels on their less busy, cheaper days and can move to another when the hotel experiences its busier, more expensive days.

It won’t only be you that benefits either. The hotels themselves will be filling rooms on nights they’re usually empty, therefore making hotel switching a win-win situation.

What are the Benefits of Hotel Switching When Going to Watch Football Games?

Money Saving

Hotel prices are highly variable when a big event, like the World Cup, is on in their city leading to some nights being very expensive. Hotel switching will allow you to move out of one hotel when it becomes expensive, and move to another hotel offering cheaper nights – we’ve seen savings of as much as 70%! You’ll know which the two hotels are at the time of booking.


Be Near the Action

Location is key when it comes to football matches as you’ll want to be as near to the action as possible. Hotel switching allows you to do this by giving you the chance to stay in two hotels near where you need to be, and you’ll save money by doing so. You won’t have to sacrifice location due to extortionate prices.

Guaranteed Quality

Quality is probably sacrificed most when it comes to booking accommodation. Hotel switching, however, allows the potential of your budget to be maximised and give you the best quality hotels for your money.


Unlock More Availability

Many of the best hotels will have limited availability during sport events, due to the high demand. Hotel switching will open up a lot more availability for you to choose from. Hotels that seem fully booked will become available to you, as you’ll only be staying in them for part of your stay.

Travelling from hotel to hotel

Most stadiums in the world are situated near big cities and this works perfectly with travelling from hotel to hotel. Stadiums such as the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, the Nou Camp in Barcelona and the London Stadium in London all boast tremendous public transport links to and from the stadium. You’ll be able to use these links to not only travel to your game but also to complete your switch.

Things to look out for when Switching

When booking

Make sure to book two hotels that can be travelled between comfortably and as easily as you please. Make sure your hotels are near each other, especially for a short stay as you want to make the most out of your trip as possible.


Most hotels will have a check-out in the morning and check-in during the afternoon. If you’re left with a gap between your two times, don’t panic! Most hotels will allow you to store your luggage behind the front desk or with the concierge to save you carrying it around. Leave your bags with your second hotel directly after checking out from your first hotel to save any unnecessary carrying later in your day.

How to Book Your Hotel Switch –

Booking your own hotel switch can be beneficial, but also incredibly time-consuming. That’s where we,, come to your rescue! Our website will allow you to see hotel switching savings straight away and will also show you the distance between the two hotels within the deal. Our unique algorithm will allow you to book a hotel switch with a single click-of-a-button.

World CUp Deal.png

We’ve Made it Even Easier for Your World Cup Stay

We have created a page dedicated to the 2018 World Cup. We have filled in the location and dates (the dates can be changed by you) for your trip in already and all we need from you is the number of travellers.

So head over to to see the latest and greatest switches or visit our World Cup page and begin your Russian hotel switch today.

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