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The one event every tennis fan always looks out for in the tennis calendar is The Championships, Wimbledon.

The 141-year-old event takes place in July this year and is the only Grand Slam tennis event still played on grass – ever since the Australian Open moved to hardcourt in 1988.

Wimbledon is seen as the most prestigious event in tennis and offers a huge £32,000,000 prize for the eventual winner.

The event runs five tournaments – ‘Gentlemen’s’, ‘Ladies’, ‘Men’s Doubles’, ‘Ladies Doubles’ and ‘Mixed Doubles’.

Attending the Championships, Wimbledon

Tickets for the main court and the other show courts have been assigned to spectators by way of ballot since 1924. It’s estimated that there are four applicants for every one ticket at the Championships.

You can also queue-up to get tickets, with it being well-known that many spectators queuing over night just to ensure their seat.

Wimbledon 2

Obviously with high-demand for the competition, this also leads to high-demand for hotels trying to accommodate the many who travel from far and wide to see the best of the best at Wimbledon.

With the event being London, there are many hotels around, however, it’s not just Wimbledon spectators who’ll be needing a place to stay in the English capital.

London is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and is visited all-year round by many people from many different countries – an estimated 19 million people visited last year.

Avoiding the Crowd

Finding a hotel for your stay is going to be hard for Wimbledon – especially a hotel that fulfils all your needs.

There is a way to ensure you’ll have a place to stay as well as finding the right stay for you.

Introducing hotel switching! Hotel switching is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1 – it’s that simple!

Switching has been happening for many years, especially in the States, where it’s more commonly known as ‘split stay’ or ‘hotel hopping’.

Hotel switching has many benefits and these benefits become more apparent in major cities, which is perfect for events such as Wimbledon.

Because of ways hotels price their nights, switching allows you to stay at one hotel for its cheaper nights and then move to another hotel when your original hotel increases it’s prices – you only have to switch once.

As well as saving you money, as much as 70% in London, switching also unlocks more availability for your stay.

Hotels that would only be available for part of your stay now become available because they can be used as part of a switch – whether it be for 20% of your stay or 75% they’re still an option!

How to Book your Hotel Switching Stay

As mentioned above, switching isn’t an entirely new concept, however, it has only ever been done manually.

Manually switching is time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee the best savings. That’s why we, Nightly.travel, do the hard work for you.

We are the first website to offer hotel switching deals. All we require from you is your destination, dates of travel and the number of you travelling – our algorithm does the rest!

Wimbledon 2.png

Booking your Wimbledon Hotel Switch

We understand that hotel switching will be an entirely new concept to most of you reading this article, therefore, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to book your Wimbledon stay.

Our designated Championships page has already filled in most of the information for you. We’ve got the destination and dates of the event already filled in, we just need to know how many of you need a stay!

Head on over to Nightly.travel to see the latest and greatest hotel switching deals or visit our Wimbledon page to begin your London switch today!

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