Take your Rome Stay to the Next Level

Looking to plan a trip to the beautiful city of Rome? Book with Nightly.travel and see how 2 hotels are better than 1.

Nightly.travel are the first site to offer hotel switching deals and it’s thanks to our unique algorithm that it’s now as easy as possible for you to save as much as 70% on your Rome stay. 

With over 450 hotels in the Italian city, we guarantee we have a switch that is ideal for you and whoever you’re travelling with!

Experience More with Your Hotel Switching Saving

There’s a famous saying that “*when in Rome, do as the Romans do*” and with the money you save hotel switching, you can do exactly that. Whether you use your savings to help fund a day of experiences or you use it to fund your whole stay, here’s Nightly.travel‘s top things to do in Rome.

Visit the Monuments

Rome is renowned for its beautiful monuments and incredible scenery. The Collosseum is a must-see for it’s sporting history and also it’s architecture. There are a variety of tours of the monument and with your switching savings you could treat yourself to the experience.


There is also the Trevi Fountain. Completed in 1762 the 86ft high mountain is a popular tourist destination thanks to it’s remarkable design. The fountain is said to bring anyone who throws coins into it luck, however, we recommend not throwing all of the money you’ve saved in there there’s already over 3,000 coins thrown in there each and every day!

Any time of year is a great time to see the monuments in Rome, however, Spring is a good time in terms of ease to book tours and also the beautiful weather for those all-important holiday snaps.

See a Sporting Event

The Italian capital is the home of one of the Italian footballing giants, AS Roma. The side play in the Stadio Olimpico. Watching a game within the Roma fans is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we highly recommend. One thing worth noting is that if you’re planning to attend a Serie A game, make sure you double check Roma’s fixtures when planning your trip.


As well as football, Rome also hosts its fair share of tennis games as well as some fantastic Rugby encounters. Theses aren’t all year-round however, so best to double check the dates of your travel if you’re interested in either.

Taste the Food and Wine

Our personal favourite part of Rome is the city’s delicious food and wine on offer. Whether you’re having a slice of pizza in the city centre or if you’re sitting down at the L’Arcangelo restaurant for a three-course meal and a bottle(s) of Vino, we promise you’ll be smiling from cheek to cheek – it’s magnifico!


Depending on how much you save with Nightly.travel, you can choose to fund your food and drink for your whole stay or just have a one-off meal to celebrate a lovely trip, but one thing is guaranteed, you’ll never want to leave!

There’s Only One Thing Left to Do!

Head on over to our Rome page to find out more on how you can book your Rome switch and also how hotel switching is made possible. From there you can head straight to our search engine where you can choose the dates of your travel and also tell us how many of you need accommodation.

Once you’ve pressed the all-important SEARCH button our high-speed algorithm will work its magic and display the best switching deals in front of you. Filter by star-rating, price and/or location to find the perfect deal for you.

As ever our team are only a click away thanks to our awesome chat in the bottom left of your screen, or feel free to call us on +44 330 2230 565 to discuss your switch!


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