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Feel even more part of TechWeek 2018 with‘s hotel switching deals!

TechWeek London takes place in June later this year and we want to make sure you can attend! The show sees over 55,000 domestic and international tech specialists, enthusiasts and business leaders walk through its doors – leading to a very busy time for London’s hotels.

Not only is the event advertising itself as being the “most inspirational week in the tech industry calendar”, the show is also proudly releasing information on just some of the fantastic, influential tech leaders associated with TechWeek.

Booking your TechWeek Stay

With the event taking place in such a marvellous city, booking a hotel may provide a bit of a challenge for yourself.

At we offer hotel switching. Switching is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1.

Hotel switching is made possible because of the way hotels price their rooms – which is on a nightly basis (see the link with our company name?).

Switching allows you to stay at one hotel for its cheap nights and then move to another hotel when your original hotel increases its room rate.

TechWeek 2

Although saving money is a big bonus of switching, it’s not the only benefit. For major cities, such as London, hotel switching also unlocks more availability for your stay.

This works because, normally, when you book a singular hotel stay if a hotel isn’t available or all your nights it will be deemed unavailable.

Switching will allow you to stay in hotels that are only available for part of your stay and then it’ll let you move to another hotel when the rooms are fully booked – think of it as a way to make the unavailable available.

Booking your Switch for TechWeek

Hotel switching will be an entirely new concept to 90% of you reading this blog, although some of you may have also heard it be called ‘split stay’ or ‘hotel hopping.

Tech Week Deal.png

Therefore, we’ve made it as easy as possible to book your TechWeek stay. Usually, on our user-friendly site, you have to fill in your destination, dates of travel and number of people travelling.

On our TechWeek page, most of the work is done for you! We’ve already filled in the dates and destination of TechWeek, we just need you to tell us how many of you are going and to push that SEARCH button.

Begin your switch with today! Head over to our main site to see our latest and greatest hotel switching deals. Or visit our TechWeek page to book your London switch.

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