Party and Save at the Sonar Music Festival

One thing Barcelona is mainly known for is its vibrant and lively atmosphere. For 3 days in June this atmosphere welcomes the incredible Sonar Music Festival.

This year’s festival will be the 25th edition and is set-up to be the best one yet!

Artists such as Gorillaz, Wiley, Diplo and Yung Lean are all going to be performing this year; as well as some amazing DJ sets throughout the 3 days.

Sonar has also presented over 50 events across the world – and it’s the popularity of events that has helped them get the names performing at this years event.

Over 125,000 people are expected to attend the festival – and it’s because of this it could be tricky for you to book your Barcelona stay.

Sonar 2

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Booking your Sonar Music Festival Stay

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