See the Best of the Best at the British open

This years British Open takes place in at the beautiful Carnoustie Golf Links course in Angus Scotland.

The championships is the oldest of the four major golf competitions – first being held in 1860. The Open is also the third championship played in the year, between the US Open and the PGA Championship.

156 golfers take part in the British Open, however, only 70 progress to the final 36 holes of the championship.

Many are expected to attend the 2018 British Open, with the championship being the biggest outside of the United States.

Make Sure you Can Attend

As beautiful as Angus is, the Scottish county isn’t blessed with a huge amount of hotels. The lack of hotels will result in issues for you when booking your stay for the British Open.

One way to ensure your stay for the championship is to hotel switch. Hotel switching is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1 for your stay.

British Open 2

Hotel switching has a number of benefits, with unlocking availability being one of it’s main ones. Switching allows you to stay in hotels for the nights they aren’t fully booked, and then move to another hotel when your original hotel’s rooms are booked.

Switching also helps save you money. Hotels price their rooms on a nightly basis, depending on demand and the dates you’re looking at. It’s because of this hotel switching helps you make the most of your budget. depending on demand and the dates you’re looking at.

How to Hotel Switch

Many people have hotel switched before, especially in the US where it’s more commonly known as split stay. However, those who have switched will have booked their switch manually.

We’re and we’re the first website to offer hotel switching deals at the same ease you would book a singular hotel stay.

Our high-speed algorithm does most of the work for you, we just require your destination, dates of travel and the number of guests travelling.

Booking your British Open Switch

British Open deal.png

Hotel switching will be an entirely new concept to most of you reading this blog post, therefore, we’ve made booking your British Open switch as easy as possible.

We’ve created a page dedicated to the Open, where we’ve already filled in the dates and destination of the event – all we need from you is the number of you travelling.

Begin your switch today with or book your Angus switch on our British Open page.

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