Lead the Pack in Glasgow & Berlin!

Not many events can boast being hosted by two of the most beautiful cities in the world – the European Championships can.

The 2018 European Championships are split between the two host cities, with Berlin hosting all the athletics events and Glasgow hosting the aquatic events as well as the Cycling, Golf, Gymnastics and Rowing.

These championships are being labelled the ‘First edition’ as the same format for the championships will also take place in 2022.

1,500 athletes are expected to compete at the Berlin athletics events and a further 3,000 athletes will be in action in Glasgow.

Glasgow have also planned to stage a dynamic cultural festival alongside the championships to really make the event a real showcase.

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Booking your European Championships Visit

Glasgow was named the third best destination to visit in TripAdvisor’s Top Ten UK destinations and Berlin is Germany’s number 1 tourist destination (third most popular in all of Europe).

Because of the beauty of the two host cities, booking a hotel at any time of the year can be tricky. When there’s an event as big as the European Championships this task becomes even harder.

A way to give yourself more choices for your stay is to hotel switch. Hotel switching is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1.

Hotels that appear unavailable for the whole of your trip may be available for part of your trip and hotel switching allows you to have these hotels as an option.

As well as providing you with more options, hotel switching also helps save you money. All hotels price their rooms on a nightly basis. Switching allows you to stay in hotels for their cheap nights and then move to another hotel when your first hotel increases it’s prices.

Planning a Hotel Switch

Planning a hotel switch can be hard if you try and do it manually. You’re not guaranteed to get the best deal and also it can be very time-consuming.

We are Nightly.travel and we are the first website to offer hotel switching deals. Our user-friendly site houses a unique algorithm that does all the searching for you.

Our algorithm scours our database of almost 60,000 hotels from over 160 countries to find the best hotel switching deals based on your search of destination, dates and number of travellers.

Our research has shown that you only need to switch once to experience the benefits of our hotels.

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Booking your Glasgow and Berlin Hotel Switches

We always want to make at easy as possible for people to see the benefit hotel switching can have on their trips.

Therefore we’ve created pages for both Berlin and Glasgow to help with your switch search.

We’ve filled in the destination and the dates of the event for you, we just need to know how many of you are going and we also need you to press SEARCH!

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Visit our site to see what savings we can generate for you or visit either our Berlin page or Glasgow page to begin your European Championships search.

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