See the Best of the Best at the Prague Car Festival

There aren’t many car shows in the world that can offer over 600 unique automobiles, the Prague Car festival can!

This year will be the seventh edition of the show and certainly its biggest yet. All over the weekend, there will be a variety of car exhibits from a variety of different brands.

There will be an estimated 17,600 visitors to the show this year and all eyes will be focused on the Dream Cars Section, where jewels of the worlds of luxury and sports cars will be presented. There’ll also be the Racing Cars Section where professional racing teams and Tuning Scene will show the best European tuning cars.

Attending the Car Festival

Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic. The city is known as one of the most cultural in the world and it’s because of this that many tourists travel to and from the Czech capital each and every year.

There is a fantastic range of hotels in Prague and there are usually plenty for you to pick from. However, when a big event such as the Prague Car Festival takes place the demand for hotels gets too high and leads to issues for you when booking a hotel stay.

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Many people miss out on events because of a shortage of accommodation options when trying to book their stay – make sure you don’t miss out on the Car festival with hotel switching.

What is Hotel Switching?

Also known as split stay and/or hotel hopping, hotel switching is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1 for a stay.

Hotels price their rooms on a nightly basis and switching allows you to stay at hotels for their cheaper nights. By switching just once you can save as much as 70%, especially in major cities such as the wonderful Prague.

Where to Begin when Booking a Hotel Switch?

You can manually plan a hotel switch by searching a variety of hotel booking sites and booking two hotel stays to equal your overall stay. This method isn’t the quickest and also doesn’t guarantee the best results.

What if there was a hotel booking site that does all the hard work for you? We’re, the first website to offer you hotel switching deals.

Once you’ve told us where you’re going, when you’re going and how many of you are travelling our high-speed algorithm does the rest!

Once your hotel switches are displayed, you can filter them by location, price, star-rating or guest rating – it’s that simple.

We’ve got you Covered for the Prague Car Festival

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As well as our main user-friendly site, we also have pages dedicated to major events such as the Prague Car Festival.

Our designated page already has the location and the dates of the festival filled in for you – we just need to know how many of you are going.

Visit either our main site or our Prague Car Festival page to begin your hotel switching journey today!

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