Fall in Love with Your Life is Beautiful Stay

The worlds of music, art and food combine at the Life is Beautiful festival in the wonderful Las Vegas.

The Festival only started five-years-ago, but already has made a huge impact on Las Vegas. For two days the streets are packed with people all wanting to do the same thing – living life to the full!

Over 137,000 people attend the festival, taking up over 18-blocks of the city to be part of the “beautiful social and cultural takeover” that is the Life is Beautiful Festival.

Being Part of the Life is Beautiful Festival

Las Vegas is known for its range of incredible and unique hotels. However, these hotels are also known for the high-demand they generate – this could lead to issues for you when booking accommodation for the Life is Beautiful Festival.

Vegas is a popular destination all-year round and the festival just increases the number of people in the city. One way to beat the crowd and ensure you’ve got accommodation for the event is to hotel switch.

Life is Beautiful 2.png

Hotel Switching is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1 for your trip – it’s that simple. Switching can save you as much as 70% on your stay as well as unlock more availability for your stay, which is perfect for big events such as the Life is Beautiful festival.

Switching is made possible because of the ways hotels price their rooms – on a nightly basis. Switching allows you to benefit from the hotel’s cheaper nights and then move to another hotel when your original hotel increases its prices.

You can also stay in the hotels that’ll normally be deemed “unavailable”. Any hotels that are available for part of your stay will be able to be used as part of a hotel switching deal.

How to Book a Hotel Switch

Switching has been done before, mainly in America, where it’s more commonly known as a split stay or as hotel hopping – however, it has only ever been done manually.

Nightly.travel are the first website to offer you hotel switching deals – you only have to give us three pieces of information! Our user-friendly site only needs your location, dates of travel and number of travellers to work its magic – our algorithm does the rest!

You can filter your results by location, star rating or user reviews so you can find the perfect switch for your needs. All savings are clearly marked on our switching deals – so you can see the real magic of a hotel switching deal!

Hotel Switching at the Life is Beautiful Festival

Life Is Beautiful.png

Switching may be an entirely new concept to 90% of you reading this blog-post, therefore, we’ve made it as easy as possible to book your hotel switch for the Life is Beautiful Festival in September.

Our Nightly.travel tech-magicians have created a page dedicated to the festival, where the dates (that can be changed by you) and the destination of the event are already filled in for you.

Once you’ve searched you can filter your results with the same ease of our main website. Head on over to either our Main site or our Life is Beautiful Page to begin your hotel switching journey with Nightly.travel today!

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