Stay in Luxury at the Shanghai Masters

This October sees the return of the Shanghai Masters. The 7-day long event is the eighth (out of nine) event of the tennis calendar and is played on hard-court.

The tournament is the only major not played in Europe or North America and takes place at the wonderful Qizhong Arena – This year will be the tenth edition of the event.

The event isn’t just one of nine masters tournament, it’s also the culmination and feature event of the Asian Swing.

Attending the Shanghai Rolex Masters

Shanghai has a fantastic range of beautiful hotels, however, when a major event such as the Shanghai Masters takes place the majority of these hotels get booked-up rapidly.

One way you can experience more of Shanghai’s range of hotels is to hotel switch. Hotel switching is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1 and allows you to experience more of a city.

Switching also helps you save big on your city destination stays – as much as as 70% in Shanghai.Savings are made because of the ways hotels price their rooms.


Hotels price their rooms on a nightly basis and switching allows you to stay at hotels for their cheaper nights and then move to another when your original hotel increases its prices – it’s that simple!

Booking a Hotel Switch

Finding a hotel switch used to be easier said than done, that was until came along.

Before people used to have to manually book a hotel switch, a process that was very time-consuming and didn’t necessarily generate the best savings. houses a unique algorithm that does all the boring research for you. You just need to enter your location, dates of travel and the number of travellers – it’s that simple!

Switching for the Shanghai Masters

Switching, as well as saves money, also unlocks more availability for your stay, which is perfect for events such as the Shanghai Masters.

Usually if a hotel was unable to accommodate you for your full stay it would be deemed unavailable. Switching allows you to stay in hotels that are partially available and include them as part of your switching deal.

Book your Shanghai Switch today!

Shanghai Screenshot

Switching may be an entirely new concept to most of you reading this blog-post and that’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to book your Shanghai Masters hotel switch.

We’ve created a page dedicated to the event where we’ve already filled in the dates and location of the tournament, we just need you to tell us how many of you need a place to stay!

Visit our Shanghai Masters page to begin your switching journey today or go to to see the latest and greatest hotel switching deals.

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