Explore Amsterdam the Way you Want

The famous Dutch capital is filled with both modern culture and historic architecture – making it one of the top city destinations in the world.

With over 6 million people visiting the city each and every year, finding your perfect stay in Amsterdam is certainly a task easier said than done. That’s why we, Nightly.travel want to introduce you to hotel switching.

What is Hotel Switching?

In short, hotel switching is the newest and, in our opinion, best way to book accommodation when travelling to major city destinations.

Switching is where you stay in 2 hotels over the course of your stay instead of just the 1 – it’s that simple. By switching, you’ll not only get to experience the ambience of two separate hotels, but you’ll also get to experience two areas of the famous city.

As well as providing a new and unique way of exploring the city, switching will also help fund amazing opportunities on your trip.

There’s More to Switching than Meets the Eye…

Hotels price their rooms on a nightly basis and switching allows you to stay for their cheap nights – meaning you have more money to spend the way you want to.

Hotels vary the room prices based on demand and what day of the week it is – switching allows you to benefit from these price changes.

How Best to Spend Your Savings in Amsterdam

The Unique Experiences

Amsterdam/Johan Cruyff Arena – One of the European giants of football, Ajax, play their home games in Amsterdam at the beautiful Amsterdam Arena (soon to be the Johan Cruyff Arena). The stadium has been home to the Dutch Giants since 1996 and is one football’s top stadiums in Europe.

The stadium is certainly worth seeing and it’s worth booking your trip around an Ajax home game if you’re able to. If not, the stadium hosts guided tours most days of the weeks – allowing you to learn more about the history-making side!

Heineken Experience – One of Amsterdam’s most famous exports is Heineken beer. The beer was originally brewed in the Dutch capital but now is produced in Zoeterwoude.

However, the beer still has a place in Amsterdam thanks to the Heineken experience, which takes place in the building where it all began in 1864.

Romantic Canal Cruises – Amsterdam is home to three main canals, Herengracht, Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht. The canals have been a part of the city since the 17th Century and are often the subject of many photos taken of Amsterdam.

Life Drawing – Get creative with a classy hen party life drawing class! Make the best memories with an athletic model, games and drinks at your residence or venue.

One unique experience with the canals is the chance to take a guided cruise through the city learning about the historical capital as you dine on wine and local delicacies.

Take in the Culture

Museums – There are a plethora of museums in Amsterdam which house some of the finest paintings in the world. The main museums are at the Museumplein (Museum Square) in the heart of Amsterdam.

The museums at the square include the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum as well as the concert hall Concertgebouw.

Van Gogh

Festivals – Amsterdam plays host to a multitude of festivals throughout the year. Most of the festivals, such as King’s Day, are themed around either the city or the country of the Netherlands.

The festivals are certainly planning your trip around, especially as hotel switching deals are at their best during busy periods!

Booking your Amsterdam Switch

There’s only one way to ensure you get the best hotel switching deal… Nightly.travel! We are a London based start-up that’s the first website to offer you hotel switching deals.

Our user-friendly site is mixed with some tech magic to allow us to bring you the latest and greatest hotel switching deals in an instant.

As well as our unique main site we also have pages dedicated to cities across the globe – including Amsterdam.

Our page includes relevant information regarding a switch in the Dutch city as well as all contact points for if you have any further questions for our lovely team!

Begin Your Switching Journey!

Visit our Amsterdam page today and you’ll receive a nice little gift from us to help kickstart the beginning of your switching journey!

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