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Formula One first graced Abu Dhabi was held within the first ever Formula 1 Championships back in 2007. It was there that Abu Dhabi was announced as a host of its own Grand Prix.

First held in 2009, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is now one of the biggest events in the Formula 1 calendar.

One of the main standouts of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is the Yas Marina Circuit, which was designed by Hermann Tilke. The circuit cost $1.3b to build and can hold just over 41,000 spectators.

The circuit has mixed reviews from drivers, but is still definitely a must-see for all those in love with the sport of Formula 1.

Witnessing the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix First-hand

For any Formula 1 fan, witnessing the best of the best compete is a dream and a once in a lifetime experience.

One thing that can hinder your dream of seeing the championship is a lack of available accommodation in the hosting city – that’s where hotel switching can help you when booking your hotel stay for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

What is Hotel Switching?

Hotel switching, also known as a split stay, is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1 for your stay – it’s that simple.

Because of the fact hotels price their rooms on a nightly basis, switching allows you to save money and also unlock more availability for your stay. You can stay at hotels for their available nights and then move to another hotel when your original hotel increases its price.

You can also stay in hotels that are only available for part of your stay, something that’s not possible in a singular hotel stay.

How to book a hotel switch

Many have booked hotel switches before, however, they’ve booked them manually. We’re Nightly.travel and we are the first website in the world to offer hotel switching deals.

Our user-friendly site houses a unique algorithm that searches our database of over 59,000 hotels in over 180 countries based on your search results.

As well as offering you the best switching deals in your vacation’s destination, our site also allows you to filter your results based on distance between hotels, ratings of hotels, price and location – you’re in control of your switch.

Switching at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

As well as our main website, we’ve also created landing pages dedicated to major events across the world – including the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Our page has already pre-populated the search bar with the location and the dates of the event, you just need to tell us how many of you are going!

Book your hotel switch today on our site or our Abu Dhabi page!

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