The New Way to See New Orleans

America’s largest port also doubles up to make a remarkable city. New Orleans located in southeastern Louisiana, and occupies both sides of the Mississippi River.

Below are our favourite things to see/do in the amazing city!

Learn the History

Guided Tours of New Orleans – There are a plethora of tours to take part in. You can take any of the many walking tours that are on offer during the day and/or you can take a river cruise during the night and learn about the city that way.

Plantation Tour – New Orleans has many plantations and one way to relax whilst in the city is to take a tour of one of the plantations. Learn more about the history of the plantations as well as get some photos of the fantastic scenery.

See the Famous Sights

French Quarter  – Labelled as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’ the French Quarter is a fantastic place to begin your New Orleans sight-seeing journey. As well as being filled with some of the city’s most beautiful architecture, the district is also home to Bourbon Street.

Bourbon Street is home to New Orlean’s party atmosphere. Very much a place mainly for adults, Bourbon Street is certainly worth a visit!

Garden District – One of the more scenic areas of New Orleans, the Garden District is home to lovely gardens and also beautiful homes.

The Garden District is a fantastic place to escape the hustle and bustle of major parts of New Orleans, as well as a great place to take photos and relax.

Backstreet Cultural Museum – Probably the most unique activity on our list, the Backstreet Cultural Museum is a great place to really understand New Orleans as a city. The museum is filled with fantastic memorabilia.

The Owner of the museum, Francis, also gives very knowledgeable tours of the museum and access to the exhibition only costs $10.

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