The Best Way to Experience Berlin

Where do we start with Berlin? The German city is known for a plethora of reasons. Berlin is the capital of Germany and is also the second most populous city in Europe (behind London).

As well as being a great place to visit because of its size, Berlin also has a fantastic range of experiences that you should definitely check out when visiting the German capital.

Below are’s top picks for you to do when travelling to Berlin.

Visit the Famous Sights

Checkpoint Charlie – Labelled as the world’s most famous checkpoint, Checkpoint Charlie was the main entry point for visitors wanting to cross the border to East Berlin.

Nowadays the checkpoint is home to the Mauer Museum. The museum offers great insights into the transport carts used to ferry people and also examples of care packages.

It’s worth noting, the museum is quite hard to navigate around, however, it’s worth the hustling and bustling!

The Reichstag Building – Famous for its Glass Dome, the Reichstag Building was built by the famous architect Sir Norman Foster and gives a great view of Bundestag.

You’re able to take tours of the building to find out more about its history as well as see the beauty it holds inside.

Museum Island – The island is home to five museums. The Pergamon Museum, the Neues Museum and the Bode Museum are all on the island and each museum displays its own piece of history.

In the museums, you can see many historical collections, ranging from Egyptian artefacts to Islamic art.

Enjoy Yourself!

Berlin Zoo – Germany’s oldest zoo is home to a wide range of animals from over the world. Famous inhabitants of the zoo include a Panda called BaoBao (So cute they named it twice) and Knut the Polar Bear.

The zoo has varied opening times, so it’s best to look in advance to avoid disappointment when arriving at the zoo.

Nightlife – Berlin has a plethora of areas with a fantastic atmosphere. The two main areas are Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg.

Both areas have a whole host of clubs and bars perfect for enjoying a lovely pint or even a cocktail to enjoy a trip away.

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