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Cities don’t get more unique than the New Zealand city of Auckland. the most populous city in the county has a whole range of activities to do and sights to see.

Below is the Nightly.travel team’s top picks of what to do if you visit Auckland!

Explore the Sights

Visit a Lost Island – Rotoroa Island was re-opened to the public in 2005 as a museum to display artefacts of the lost island. As well as learning the history of Rotoroa Island, you’ll also get to walk along beautiful sandy beaches and scenic trails.

Walk on a Live Volcano – It’s not as dangerous as it sounds, we promise! The area provides a perfect place for a picnic as well as fantastic views. The last eruption was over 600-years-ago, so there are no worries of a lava-filled sandwich!

See Maori Culture – Auckland is home to the largest collection of Maori taonga. See everything from small artefacts to full-size meeting houses and canoes. You’ll learn about the culture whilst also getting to see its beauty.

Once-in-a-lifetime Experiences

Kayak to a Volcanic Island – There are a plethora of places to rent a kayak in Auckland and with that, you can take a paddle and row to Rangitoo Island. The island offers fantastic views but also has beautiful scenery.

If you don’t feel like kayaking, you can also get a ferry across.

Surfs Up! – The west of Auckland offers some of the best beaches in New Zealand to surf. The black-sand beaches offer the perfect waves for some afternoon surfing!

See a Penguin Colony – Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium is home to the world’s largest penguin colony, as well as the world’s only display of spiny sea dragons. The aquarium offers a great day out for all the family as well as a fantastic insight into life under the sea!

The Nightlife

Party the night away – Auckland has a whole host of clubs to party at, but if you’d prefer some live music, there are a variety of concert locations as well. There are various sites displaying what acts are performing/what nights the clubs are hosting.

Taste the Local Cuisine in Town – A portion of New Zealand’s top chefs are situated in Auckland. Take a stroll into the heart of Auckland and taste some f the finest New Zealand cuisine there is to offer.

Just to note, the food is pricey – but certainly worth it!

See the Night Sky – Take a trip to the Auckland Stardome Observatory to see a beautiful display of the stars through the observatory’s interactive system. Learn more about the world above us with guides explaining points throughout the evening.

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