Which Cities have the Best Transport

For many of those who travel, modes of transport are on top of their list of things to try when visiting a new city. We have created a list of our top cities to visit for those of you who have a passion for all things mobile!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong TransportThe fantastic travel links start as soon as you arrive in Hong Kong. The Chinese city offers a very fast airport express. The shuttle costs as little as $6 and travels every 12 minutes, with a journey length of 24 minutes.

As well as the shuttle, Hong Kong also has an incredible system called an ‘Octopus Card’. An Octopus Card allows you to travel on the city’s MTR without having to struggle with getting tickets. The card, which acts like a pre-paid debit card, can also be used around the city.


Vienna TransportVienna’s travel links are almost as beautiful as the city itself! The city is home to a famous train system, as well as a metro, multiple bus routes and trams.

You can purchase single tickets, as well as return tickets on all the modes of transport, however, if you’re planning to stay in the Austrian city for more than a couple of days then you’d be best to purchase a Wien Karte (Vienna Card) to avoid having to purchase multiple tickets.


London TransportWithout being biased, we believe London has the best transport links of all those in this list. The city has a very famous underground system, with a recognisable logo. The English capital is also home to the iconic red buses and unique travelling options such as the Emirates Airline in Greenwich.

Most London commuters possess an Oyster Card, which helps them with their daily travel and it’s certainly worth getting one if you’re travelling to the city for more than a long weekend.


Frankfurt TransportFrankfurt, unlike the others on this list, isn’t known for its transport links but the German city does boast one of the best train systems in the world. Frankfurt has an overground and underground system, both of which require a pre-paid ticket to use.

As well as the two train systems, there is also the ‘Nachtbus’ which translates as night bus. As the trains only run till 1am (I know “only”…) the night bus, although longer, covers the same areas as the trains.

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