Top Cities for a Blast from the Past

With so many places having such rich histories it’s hard to choose where to learn and experience next. Below are‘s top picks for cities based on their history.

Boston, USA

Boston History

Stories don’t get much more famous than that of the Boston Tea Party in 1773. This is only one of many historic events to happen in Boston. The American city is a prime example of a city adapting to modern changes and these changes are documented and remembered throughout the city.

There are a variety of monuments that the general public can see and learn about, as well as a plethora of tours that guide you through Boston whilst an experienced tour guide explains the history of each area.

Athens, Greece

Most of Athens history can still be seen. The Greek city has various ruins and remains throughout the city. Take a guided tour or just simply visit the sites to see the history for yourself.

It’s certainly worth reading up on the ruins before you visit them to ensure you really take in how historic they really are.

Rome, Italy

Possibly the most beautiful past (to look at) is situated in Rome. The Colosseum is one of many famous architects that forms part of the Italian city’s rich history.

Fantastic stories of Gladiatorial times are told throughout Rome and it’s certainly worth visiting the city to learn all about them.

Beijing, China

Beijing History

Beijing’s history dates back over 3000 years and almost every part of it is documented. China is seen as one of the more modern countries in this day and age, however, many forget that the country also has a rich past of its own.

Beijing is a prime example of this and for all it’s modern experiences it’s certainly worth visiting the Chinese capital for its historical experiences.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin History

When most hear of Berlin’s history they only think of the Berlin Wall, however, the city also has a fantastic history within the art industry.

The modernisation of many art techniques have flowed through Berlin and the city’s plethora of museums display these. From graffiti art to classic paintings, the Germa city has it all.

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Places to Remember When Travelling in November

Into planning your holidays in advance? Then our list of top places to visit in November will certainly be a must-read for you!

Below we look at our 5 top picks for the month of November and also explain why we believe they’re the best!

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas November

A city that doesn’t need much of an introduction, the beautiful Las Vegas is one of the liveliest, if not, the liveliest city in the world. With its mixture of beautiful scenery and electric nightlife, the Nevadan city is a must see and that’s why it’s on our November list!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires NovemberThe Argentinian capital is a fantastic city to visit all year round, however, we particularly love the city in the latter months of the year. It has a mixture of exciting history, ranging from hosting World Cups to wars – and all the history is beautifully documented for the modern visitor to see.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong November

Known as the city with the most skyscrapers in the world, the Chinese city of Hong Kong certainly stands out as a ‘must-see’. With its modern look and futuristic feel, it is hard to picture Hong Kong as a traditional Chinese city, however, the city has a very East/West split and the fantastic travel links the city has allows you to experience tradition as well as modernisation.

Essaouira, Morrocco

Essaouira NovemberA destination that is completely different from the others on our list, Essaouira has a rich history due to its position on the coast of Morrocco. The place now provides a fantastic place to kick back and relax.

Venice, Italy

Venice SwitchVenice is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it’s clear to see why in the image above. Whether you’re strolling through the petite streets or relaxing on a gondola, you’ll fall in love with Venice in a second.

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