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Labelled the 'Most important event in the world for design', Milan Design Week or Fuorisalone, as it's more commonly known, takes place in the wonderful city of Milan.

Originating in the 1980's the event stages nearly 1500 events in the 6 days it takes place - with the events taking place all over Milan.

The event started spontaneously and people can now just exhibit by themselves, however, there has been an introduction of Studiolabo.

Studiolabo gives assistance to those wanting to display at the event, offering help regards location, strategy and a communication plan.

Your Fuorisalone Stay

Finding an available hotel in Milan is very hard to do all year round. When you need to book a hotel for specific dates, the task becomes near-impossible.

One way to book your hotel is to hotel switch.

Hotel switching is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1. By doing this you can not only unlock more availability for your stay, but you can also stretch your budget further.

To find out how hotel switching works visit our blog post where we explain the ins and outs of all thing switching!

Booking your Milan Switch!

We are and we offer the latest and greatest hotel switching deals on our site.

All we require from you is your destination, dates of travel and number of guests travelling - it's that simple.

Our user-friendly site has a high-speed algorithm that helps you with your hotel booking, even if you're booking last-minute.

Helping you With Your Fuorisalone Stay

We know that switching will be an entirely new concept to many of you and that's why we've made switching at Fuorisalone as easy as possible.

We've created a page dedicated to the event, where all you need to do is tell us how many of you are going.

We have filled in the location and the dates (which can be changed by you) once you've told us how many of you are going, press search and our algorithm does the rest!