Take Your XLIVE Stay to the Next Level with Nightly.travel and Hotel Switching

The world of Esports has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. XLIVE is an event that informs people on Esports as well as connecting fans with the industry's most powerful leaders.

The event has been running for 15 years and prides itself on being the "only conference where you will not only meet the leading organisations and executives at the forefront of the esports industry but have the opportunity to gain insights into how professional sports teams, global brands and professional athletes are playing a significant role in investing and fostering the growth of the esports community worldwide."

The 2018 edition of the event will see the likes of Manny Anekal, Founder & CEO, TNL Media & Versus Sports speak, as well as Kent Wakeford, C0-founder & COO, KSV Esports amongst many others.

With Esports generating a following of almost 250 million people, XLIVE is sure to draw in a huge crowd in Los Angeles this March, this however, will lead to issues for you booking a hotel.

Hotel Switch not Nintendo Switch!

One way to beat the crowd and ensure you are able to attend XLIVE is to hotel switch in Los Angeles.

Hotel switching is also known as 'split stay' or 'hotel hopping' and is where you stay in 2 hotels for a cheaper price than staying in 1.

Due to hotels pricing their rooms on a nightly basis, by hotel switching you will not only unlock more availability for your stay, but you'll also save money and help stretch your budget further.

Be Like the Hotels and Think Nightly

Finding a hotel switch yourselves can take a long amount of time and you're not guaranteed to find the best deals - that's where we, Nightly.travel, can help!

We're a London based start-up who's site offers the latest and greatest hotel switching deals. All we ask from you is your destination, your dates of travel and number of you that are going - our high-speed algorithm does the rest!

We regularly see savings of as much as 70% in our deals especially when big events like XLIVE are in major cities such as Los Angeles

We've Taken Switching to the Next Level

We've not only got fantastic switching deals for XLIVE, but we've also made it easier for you to see them!

Our designated landing page has already filled in the destination and dates of XLIVE, we just need you to tell us how many of you are going!

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