How to Save Money when Booking Hotels at London, Milan, Paris and New York Fashion Week

Every September the finest fashion designers and models come together in one of the world’s most anticipated events of the fashion calendar.

Known as Fashion Week, the event takes place across a series of weeks, in a variety of venues; London, Milan, Paris, New York, Boston, Birmingham and DC) to name a few. Originating in 1943, the presentations and shows from the who’s who of the garment industry attracts huge crowds of people from all over the world.

Due to popularity of the shows, attending the event, unless invited from the designer’s themselves, becomes near impossible – especially due to the troubles one encounters when trying to book accommodation.

What to do?

However, we've got the answer! Hotel switching, also known as split stay, is to the hotel booking world what a new clothing range is to fashionistas – A must try! Hotel Switching, in a nutshell, is the option to combine two hotels to unlock better value than staying at just one hotel for your entire trip. With Fashion Week lasting for, yes you guessed it, a week the chances of finding a comfortable and affordable hotel for your whole stay are next to none and it is this that leads to people deeming it ‘impossible’ to attend the event.

By hotel switching once during your stay, you will find that you’ll have a whole host of Fashion Week hotels to choose from. Whether it is two nights at one hotel then five at another, or vice versa, the savings to be made are clear to see.

Hotel switching also allows you to experience more of London, Paris and Milan in a whole new way. You can stay in one part of the City for the first few nights of your stay and then move to another region/part of the City for the other nights.

This will work perfectly with Fashion Week as the event is spread across the city, with different styles and designers in different parts showcasing their collections.

Help is Here!

Going out of your way to find a Fashion Week hotel switching deal, however, can be time-consuming if done manually and you’re not guaranteed to find the best deal to match your travelling criteria. Luckily for you we,, are here to do all the hard work for you.

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