Mix Business and Pleasure with Hotel Switching

Business travel may be something that has to be endured and which is unavoidable in our busy world but does it really have to be an activity that you don’t look forward to? We’re not talking mixing business with pleasure but instead, making your business activities, particularly travel, much more comfortable, relaxing and far less stressful as well as saving you oodles of money.

Don’t miss out

In particular, global business events held all around the world may be demanding upon your time and hard work but they can sure pay off in many ways when it comes to obtaining and building upon outstanding opportunities. Networking events are also incredibly productive and can enable you to make valuable contacts within your field that would otherwise have been missed.

But how do you ensure that you successfully manage all of these global trips, networking events and product sourcing experiences? Of course planning is key, particularly if you’re trying to obtain the best rates when it comes down to hotels and flights; many of the best hotels get booked up way in advance, so if you’re not to be left with the dregs of the rooms to stay in, what is the solution?

We do all the hard work

This is where Nightly.travel can assist with your business trip. Specialists in the field of hotel switching or hotel hopping, we do all of the research and hard work so that you don’t have to. Make us your favourite hub now in order to access online hotel deals that will enable you to relax in comfort without ditching the budget or breaking out a sweat.

Sometimes referred to as ‘split stays’ in the States, hotel switching is a process which enables you to find first class quality (and often luxury) accommodation when you travel, all by simply switching hotels at some point during your stay; you’ll save money, get a great bargain and not have to suffer from third rate accommodation and service levels. The doors of opportunity will also open when it comes to accessing the best locations that otherwise you’d have never experienced.

So what are the business perks of hotel switching?

There are many when you make use of the best hotels for business travellers:


High-attendance rates at key events can mean a massive shortage of quality accommodation, making availability a thing of the past. Everyone wants to be in the same place at the same time so obviously, demand for rooms at the best hotels will be rife. Even if you’re offered a room, the chances are that the rates will be extortionate. But every cloud has a silver lining and hotel switching is yours! Because the majority of travellers will want to book a hotel for the whole of their stay, single nights do get left by the wayside; because switching means you can grab these bookings on a nightly basis, you not only save money but create your own kind of availability.


No matter what type of travel budget you have, you really don’t have to sacrifice comfort and quality in order to maximise your bucks. The clever tactic of hotel switching means that you’re guaranteed to obtain the best quality accommodation for your money, no matter how restrictive it may be. Every hotel switch handled by Nightly.travel will provide you with a room of the same quality or an upgrade; you never get downgraded and you make a huge saving. It really can’t get any better!

Location, location, location

We all know how important location is when it comes to where you’re staying, particularly if the event you’re travelling to is a huge business expo; you need to be next to the main event but when demand is high, this is not always possible. Hotel switching can help by providing you with a better location than you had before; whilst it may not be THE prime location, you’ll certainly benefit from staying in a preferred location and at a very reasonable price.

So how does Nightly.travel help?

Hotel switching has many benefits: improved availability, quality and location but is the process going to cost you much in terms of frazzled brain and lost time? Not when you use Nightly.travel; our website enables you to book the best combination of two hotels at the click of a button. It makes no difference how many people you’re booking for or what quality of room you seek, our system does all of the hard work so you don’t have to. Simply tap in what you’re seeking and let the system do the rest in a matter of seconds. You’ll be given a variety of options to choose from and be able to filter your results to make your final decision an easy one.

Hotel switch based on The Business Show 2017

Are there any things to watch out for when switching?

Yes. Experts in the field of hotel switching, we can tell you that you should always pay particular attention to the following:

Distance between switches

– our site shows the distance between the hotels involved in your switch. You’ll need to travel between the hotels so make sure that the distance isn’t too great or the journey too complex.


– there is bound to be a gap between when you check out and check in but this need not be a problem; simply ask for your second hotel to store your luggage until your room is ready and then you can spend the time productively.

So what’s the next step?

It couldn’t be easier! Simply head over to our website Nightly.travel and check out the 57,000 hotels that we have on offer. Some of them will be close to the biggest exhibitions and all should offer outstanding value for money. In the past, our clients have used our hotel switching service to stay at hotels close to the following exhibitions; Arab Health in Dubai, The Business Show in London, Acetech in Bangalore and the China Export And Import Fair (Canton Fair) in Guangzhou.

Don’t miss out! Make your next business trip a pleasure by hotel switching.