Make the Most of Your Budget at the Rand Show 2018 with Nightly and Hotel Switching

With a slogan of "Not just another Expo" the Rand Show in Johannesburg have already set an expectation to the 400,000 visitors they welcome each and every year.

The event takes place in Johannesburg and offers a wide range of entertainment for people of all ages. A dedicated 'Kid's Expo' will keep the young members of the family entertained throughout, whilst the adults participate in the variety of sports, lifestyle and futuristic experiences.

Held in the wonderful Johannesburg Expo Centre, people travel from far and wide to visit the event - and why not? The brilliant combination of great event and beautiful city.

Busy Busy Busy!

One negative of the event being in a beautiful city however is the near-on impossible task of booking accommodation.

Johannesburg is already a hugely popular tourist destination and holding an event just adds to the business of the South African city.

Most of the 400,000 expected visitors of the Rand Show will be trying to get the best for their money when the event takes place in late March/early April.

Be one Step Ahead!

One way to ensure of a hotel to stay at for the Rand Show is to use hotel switching. Also know as split stay or hotel hopping, hotel switching is where you stay in 2 hotels for a cheaper price than staying in 1.

Not only does switching save you money, but it also unlocks more availability for your stay.

These benefits are made possible because of the way hotels price their rooms. Each hotel room's price changes depending on demand and/or the dates it is available.

Hotel switching allows you stay in a hotel room on it's cheap nights and then move to another hotel when that room's prices increase - you only have to switch once to benefit.


Manually finding a hotel switch can take a long time and you're not always guaranteed to find the best results. allow you to search for your location, the dates you're travelling and the number of you that are staying - then our high-speed algorithm finds you the best switching deals in seconds.

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We've Made Your Rand Show Switch Even Easier!

We have a created a designated page specifically for the Rand Show 2018. Our page has already filled in the location of the show, as well as the dates; all we need from you is the number of guests - we do the rest!

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