Make the Most of Your Budget for Your Dubai Rugby Sevens Stay

Rugby 7s is one of the most exciting and action-packed sporting events of the year.

Combine the thrilling event with one of the most exciting destinations in the world and you get the annual Dubai Rugby Sevens.

Part of the World Rugby Sevens Series, the men's tournament has been running since 1999 and the women's since 2006 at the wonderful The Sevens Stadium Dubai.

How it Works

The men's tournament consists of 16 teams which are drawn into four pool groups of 4. The teams then face up against each other once.

Visitors Galore!

The top two teams in each group then go on to challenge in the Main Cup competition, for a chance to win a Gold medal. Those who don't finish in the top two of their group compete in the Challenge Trophy competition.

The women's tournament is only 12 teams. They are split into three groups of 4 and play a round-robin style tournament. The top 8 then compete for a chance to win gold and the bottom teams play-off in the Challenge Trophy.

In 2016 over 100,000 people attended the tournament across the three days it was on.

This years tournament is expected draw in a larger crowd and this could lead to issues for you when booking your accommodation for your trip - a single hotel will be deemed unavailable if it can't cater for one of your nights.

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