Stretch Your Budget Further on Your Milan Fashion Week Stay

September sees fashion take over some of the world’s major cities in a spectacular event known as Fashion Week. One city which, since 1958, have hosted Fashion Week is Milan.

The Italian city, already famous for is natural beauty and stylish image, hosts up to 40 shows all over in every Fashion Week they host – and this is no different when it comes to the Men’s Spring/Summer Fashion Week during September.

Using the event as a chance to show of the city’s plethora of beautiful historic buildings, the organisers of the event, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, combine the latest and greatest styles of the best designers all over the world with the city’s history to create a great spectacle for all of those in attendance.

Huge Crowds Attend

Milan Fashion Week certainly generates a huge crowd, on average, the event leads to 90% of the city’s hotels to be filled and this lead to many people being put-off due to the lack of confidence in them getting a place to stay near Fashion Week.

It's no surprise the event draws huge crowds, especially with the designers who showcase their clothing ranges every year. However, it seems unfair that not everyone, who wants to can attend due to accommodation issues.

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Why Hotel Switching at Milan Fashion Week Works

Hotel switching also has other benefits, other than money-saving and availability. By hotel switching you'll be able to enjoy more of a location and there is no better event to do that at than at Fashion Week.

With the event having displays all over Milan, hotel switching will allow you to be near the action for all of your stay – it’s a no brainer!

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