Nightly in the News

As a business that's innovating, there's nothing better than seeing the word about your innovation, in our case hotel switching, spread by the press.

We've been fortunate enough to receive coverage, about hotel switching and us, Nightly, from some of the finest publications.


"Nightly are impressing a lot of people in the hotel scene" - Paul Armstrong

In January this year Forbes named us in the top 10 of their 'These Are The Startups You Should Watch In 2017' article.

The Sun and LifeHacker

"If you can be flexible and don't mind switching hotels mid-stay, it could be an easy way to save extra cash" - Sophie Christie

The following month The Sun and LifeHacker featured us on their popular online sites.

"You may be able to save money booking multiple hotels, and Nightly makes it easy to search accordingly." - Kristin Wong

Savvy Travellers Coverage

Articles from Frugal Travel Guy, Head for Points and Magic of Miles followed - proving Nightly's impact in the money-saving game.

"Nightly aims to help travelers make the most of their hotel stay in an intelligent manner. It is a nice tool to have." - Caroline Lupini

"Nightly is, genuinely, a hotel booking website with a difference. And you can't say that very often these days." - Rob at Head for Points

"Many travelers switch hotels mid-trip ... and now a new travel booking startup ... will do all the heavy lifting for you" - Melinda at Magic of Miles


More recently Dusty Baxter-Wright, from Cosmopolitan, called us "a website dedicated to helping you find cheaper accommodation at your chosen destination, without skimping on quality"

These are just a few of the articles about hotel switching and Nightly. We invite you to check out all of our coverage on Angel List

Are you ready to switch and save as much as 70%? Will you be considering hotel switching for your next trip?

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