Want to Use a Start-up to Visit a Start-up Convention? Nightly.travel Have you Covered

More and more start-ups created each and everyday. The start-up community is expanding faster than ever before and RISE 2018 is a great chance to hear from some of the success stories from the start-up world.

The Hong Kong event is produced by the team behind Web Summit - Europe’s largest tech conference.

2018 will see a mixture of experienced companies and start-ups at RISE all willing to share their stories and plans - it's a must attend!

Making Sure You Can Attend

Booking for RISE can be tricky, especially when it’s hosted in a major city, such as Hong Kong. One way to book is to use hotel switching. Hotel switching is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1.

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Booking your Hotel Switch

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Booking your RISE Hotel Switch

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