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This year's UCI Road World Championships will be held in the beautiful city of Innsbruck in Austria.

2018's championships will be the 91st edition of the Championships and will be the third held in Austria. The Championships will host a road race and individual time trial.

The event changes city and region every year and each course-type varies. Some years the course will be relatively flat which favors cycling sprinters or it could be hilly course which favors a climbing specialist or all-round. The Championships are 1/3 of the Triple Crown of Cycling - the other two are the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France.

Attending the UCI Road World Championships

Booking for the Championships can be tricky, especially when it’s hosted in a major city, such as Innsbruck. One way to book is to use hotel switching. Hotel switching is where you stay in 2 hotels instead of 1.

Because of the way hotels price their nights, switching allows you to save as much as 70% on your stay, compared to a singular hotel stay.

As well as saving you money, switching also unlocks more options for your stay. Hotels that are only available for part of your stay will become available – meaning you won’t have to miss out on events such as the UCI Road World Championships.

Booking your Hotel Switch

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