Save Money on the Slopes at PyeongChang 2018 with Nightly and Hotel Switching

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games will take place in PyeongChang.

Having won the vote to host the games way back in 2011, many are tipping the event to beat South Korea's last hosting of an Olympic Games in 1988, as it will be South Korea's first Winter Games.

The third Asian city to host an Olympic Games, after Sapporo, Japan (1972) and Nagano, Japan (1998), PyeongChang have been planning and organising for the event for the past six years.

Busy Busy Busy!

With the hype that follows the Winter Olympics' tradition and the entertainment it brings every four years, PyeongChang's preparations are going to be put to the test.

With 280,000 tickets on salefor the games, the South Korean city is going to experience high-demand for all its hotels and lodging options.

Five new hotels have been built especially for the games, however, they’ll collectively only create another 1,000 rooms for visitors to the South Korean resort.

How to get Accommodation

One way to beat the crowds and guarantee a hotel for every night of your stay is *(drum roll)* - hotel switching!

Staying in two hotels for cheaper than staying in one, not only can save you as much as 70% but it also unlocks more options for your accommodation.

Switching offers these great benefits because hotels price their rooms on a nightly basis and it's by taking the same approach as the hotels that you get to see the brilliant benefits hotel switching offers.

Time Consuming Switches

Manually finding a switch can be time consuming and you're not guaranteed to find the best deal. That’s where we come to your assistance!

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We Have Made it Even Easier!

Furthermore, we have made booking your PyeongChang hotel switch even easier! We’ve created a page dedicated to the 2018 event that has the dates of the event and location already filled in the search fields for you; these can be changed by you if needed.

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With PyeongChang not too far away, make sure to head to our 2018 Winter Olympic Games page to ensure you get the best switch for your stay today.