Save on your Stay at the ARA Rental Show Thanks to Nightly and Hotel Switching

This February the ARA Rental Show will take place in the beautiful New Orleans.

Spanning over five days, the event brings together the biggest rental companies and those who are interested in the rental industry.

Over 700 exhibitors attend the show and there are also twenty seminars on topics ranging from building your company’s brand value and improving employee relations to reinforcing safety and rethinking your sales approach - held throughout the exhibition.

The show also lays on a variety of conferences tailored to specific groups of attendees at the event. Young Professionals Network Reception is for those aged 18 and 40 who want 'to connect with others their age, build their network and have a bit of fun too.'

As well as the chance to network and learn at the show, there will also be a auction, giving you the chance to leave the exhibition with something special.

How to Attend

Registering for the show is simple. You just have to visit the event's main site and fill out their registration form.

Prices vary, depending on when you book, so make sure you don't miss out now!

With over 700 exhibitors and thousands of visitors expected for the exhibition New Orleans, a popular tourist destination all year round, will be busier than normal

Booking a Hotel Isn't Easy

Booking a hotel for an event is never easy, especially when the event takes place in such a busy city, like New Orleans.

Hotels struggle to cope with the demand and it therefore becomes extremely hard for you to book a hotel, meaning you might miss out on great events like The Rental Show.

Have you Heard of Hotel Switching?

If you haven't heard of hotel switching, you may be more familiar with the term 'split stay' or 'hotel hopping' all three terms have the same meaning - staying in two hotels instead of one.

Staying in two hotels can save you as much as 70% on your stay as well as unlock more availability for you.

Hotel Switching has these benefits because hotel rooms have different prices, depending on what nights you stay in them - hotels price their rooms, based on demand and what nights are popular.

Hotel switching allows you to stay at a hotel for its low-priced nights and then move to another when your original hotel's price increases - it's that simple and you only have to switch once, to see the great benefits. You also know which are your two hotels at time of booking.

How to Hotel Switch

You can manually hotel switch by searching various hotel booking sites and arranging your own two hotel stay.

However this process can take ages and you aren't always guaranteed to find the best results.

That's where we,, help. Nightly offer the best hotel switches in over 180 countries in the world - with over 60,000 hotels.

Our user-friendly site only requires your destination, dates of travel and number of travellers, our high-speed algorithm does the rest.

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Switching Made Easy for The Rental Show have made it even easier for you to book your ARA Rental Show hotel switch. Our designated page to the event is live - meaning you can book your switch now!

We have already filled in the destination and the dates of the event (the dates can be changed by you) - all we need is the number of you travelling.

What are you waiting for?! Head over to to see the latest and greatest hotel switching deals or head over to our ARA Rental Show page