Stretch Your Hotel Budget Further for the US Masters 2018 with Hotel Switching

The US Masters is an annual golf tournament that takes place at the beginning of April. It's the first of four major golf tournaments of the year.

Unlike the other three tournaments, the Masters is the only competition that takes place in the same location each year - Augusta, Georgia.

This year's competition will be the 82nd of its kind and the likes of Sergio Garcia (last year's champion) Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy are all expected to compete.

Having the smallest field of all four events, the Masters is mainly an invitation-only event, however, there's a set of qualifying criteria that determines who is included in the field.

The Crowd Will Be in Full Swing!

Around 140,000 people attend the event across the four days (35,000-per-day). Many avid golf fans label the event a *'must attend'*.

Obviously Augusta's not used to this number of visitors and the event often leads to hassle for spectators hoping to book accommodation for the tournament.

Many sites offer packages for the events, but rarely do they suit the majority of visitors to Augusta

Unlock Availability and Save 70% on Hotels

One way to ensure you're not having to sleep rough is to hotel switch!

Commonly known as split stay in the US, hotel switching is where you stay in two hotels for a cheaper price than staying in one.

Switching allows you to unlock more availability for your hotel stay, as well as help you save money at the same time, all because of hotels pricing their rooms on a nightly basis.

A hack frequently used within the Walt Disney World community, many believe hotel switching is the way forward.

Simple once you think of it, but it's not easy to find the perfect hotel switch by yourself.

Nightly are Here to Help!

Finding your perfect switch on your own can be very difficult. Finding two hotels that suit your requirements and desires is hard in itself, but then having to work with the dates of your travel - the task seems near-on impossible.

That's where Nightly are on hand. We're a hotel booking site, dedicated to finding you your perfect hotel switch!

All we require from you is your desired location, the dates of your visit and your number of guests - we do the rest!

Our user-friendly site not only displays your hotel switch within a matter of seconds, but we also inform you of important information, such as distance between your hotel and recent reviews from visitors.

We've Made it Even Easier for You

"How? How can it be easier?" you may be thinking. We've created a page on our website dedicated to the US Masters 2018. Once on the page you'll see that the location and dates of the event are already filled in the search bar for you (these are changeable, should you wish).

Visit our Masters page now to begin your hotel switch today!