Beat the Dreamforce Crowd and Book your Stay with Nightly and Hotel Switching

This November sees one of the most highly anticipated sales events come to San Francisco.

Dreamforce is a huge event that is designed to appeal to almost everybody involved within the sales community. From executives of global mega companies to owners of start-ups and those who are keen to get started in the industry - there are demonstrations and exhibitions for all.

The conference prides itself on being a 'business changing event'. The exhibition has a unique badge system that allows visitors to plan their own four days.

There are over 2,700 breakout sessions, training and certification opportunities, hands-on demos, and hundreds of partners and solutions available involving the world’s brightest, most innovative minds.

Learn All Day and Party All Night

As well as fantastic learning opportunities during the day, the event also hosts nightly concerts - featuring the likes of U2, Foo Fighters, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Green Day and more.

With their being both day events and night events, almost everybody who travels to the event stays in San Francisco for the entire 4 days.

San Francisco is known for being one of the top tourist destinations in the world. In 2015, the city had close to 25 million visitors and of those 24.6 million people, 10.18 million were overnight visitors.

An estimated 170,000 are expected to attend the event in 2017 and this will lead to a real struggle for hotels and for people finding places to stay.. Some may even be forced to change their plans and not attend due to be it being too hard to find lodging or too expensive to keep within their budget.

Hotel Switching

One way to avoid the struggle of hotel booking, is to hotel switch. Hotel switching is where you stay in two hotels for a cheaper price than staying in one.

As well as generating real savings of as much as 70%, hotel switching also unlocks more availability for your stay. Even if the city had just two hotels, for a four night stay that would give you eight potential options offering so many more possibilities to find a stay that works for you.

Hotel switching savings are made possible due to hotels pricing their rooms on a nightly basis, with some nights having a higher price than others. The price is influenced by the demand for rooms when the supply of rooms remains constant.

Hotel switching allows you to stay at a hotel for its low-priced nights and then move to another when your original hotel's price increases - it's that simple and you only have to switch once, to see the great benefits. You also know which are your two hotels at time of booking.

Where to Begin Your Switch?

One way to find your switch is to manually search hotel booking site and create your own two hotel stay.

However, manually finding your own switch can take ages and you're not always guaranteed to get the best deal.

That's where we,, can help you find the best switching deal.

What do Nightly do? is a hotel booking site that offers you the best hotel switching deals.

All our user-friendly site requires is your destination, dates of travel and the number of people travelling - our high-speed algorithm does the rest, we do the hard work leaving the fun bit for you.

The top saving switch will appear at the top of our search results, however, you can also choose to filter your results by lowest price, star rating or guest rating. We also offer a location feature, so you can see the best deals in a specific area.

We've made it easier booking your Dreamforce hotel

Even though our website is very user-friendly, we have made booking your Dreamforce hotel even easier.

We have created a page dedicated to the conference, with the location and dates already filled in the search box for you (the dates can be changed by you). All we need is the number of you that are travelling.

So head over to now to see our great switching deals or visit our Dreamforce page and begin your San Francisco hotel switch today!