Display your Company at the Thailand Franchise & Business Opportunities Expo (TFBO) thanks to Nightly.travel and Hotel Switching

Want the chance to exhibit your business to over 20,000 target visitors/investors from over 40 countries? The Thailand Franchise & Business Opportunities Expo (TFBO) gives you the chance to do just that.

The event in Bangkok runs for four days and has the highest number of international franchisors in ASEAN.

The show had over 23,000 visitors last year from 39 countries and are hoping this year will be even bigger! Make sure you don't miss out!

Attending the Thailand Franchise & Business Opportunities Expo

Booking your stay for TFBO can be very tricky, due to high demand for the event. One way to book your accommodation is to hotel switch. Hotel switching is where you, the traveller, stays in 2 hotels on your stay instead of 1.

Hotels price their rooms on a nightly basis and it’s because of this hotel switching’s benefits are made possible. Switching can save you as much as 70% on your stay, as well as unlock more availability.

Just by switching once you can ensure you stay at a hotel for it’s cheap nights and then move to another hotel when your original hotel increases it’s price.

How to Book your Hotel Switch

Hotel switching can be done manually and has done before. Many travellers have switched, but have used terms ‘split stay’ or ‘hotel hopping’ in the process.

Manually switching is a long process and doesn’t guarantee the best savings. We’re Nightly.travel and we offer hotel switching deals on our user-friendly site.

All we require from you is your destination, dates of travel and number of people needing a stay – our unique algorithm does the rest.

Booking your TFBO Stay

90% of you reading this article won’t have heard the terms ‘hotel switching’, ‘split stay’ or ‘hotel hopping’ before. That’s why we’ve made booking your TFBO stay as easy as possible.

We’ve created a page dedicated to the Thailand Franchise & Business Opportunities Expo where we’ve already filled in the dates and destination of the event – we just need to know how many of you are travelling.

Once you’ve clicked the all-important SEARCH button, our site will display the top switches available as well as the distance between the hotels involved in the switch.

Head on over to our TFBO page to begin your switch today! Or visit our main site to see the best hotel switching deals across the globe.